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Writer of dark comedy pilots and stageplays. Tisch Grad, Richie Jackson Fellow, Shining Twins-lookalike. Also a standup comedian. For my credit I ask the host to say I work on Maisel but usually they just say, "And now, a girl."

Previously WA and/or SC on Manhunt (Hulu), Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon), Billions (Showtime), Monsterland (Hulu), & Welcome to the Wayne (Nickelodeon). Currently on Debora Cahn's new Netflix show The Diplomat!

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Julianna Meagher
Comedy Drama

Normies is a therapeutic correctional facility that espouses any child's undesirable behavior – whether serious violence and severe mental illness or just breaking curfew and "being gay" – can be eliminated through Christ's love and draconian discipline. In 2008, Casey – a cocksure, precocious, queer 15-year-old Jewish girl – is signed into their care.