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Writer Scripts


Judah Ray
Horror Drama

Blamed for banishing the Antichrist back to hell, a gang of demons must make their way across the city, as they fight through each territory, and the monsters that hold them down, to get back to their home turf, where they think they are safe.


Judah Ray
Drama Horror

A young mother’s life descends into chaos, when her husband talks her into helping him complete a job, as a contract killer, assassinating drug dealers, in the Philippines, but when a job goes wrong, and as a result, her husband is killed, and her children kidnapped, she will stop at nothing to meet revenge and save her kids.


Judah Ray
Horror Mystery & Suspense

Madison fights to escape the torture of a holy predicament, as her strict, religious mother, Faith, attributes teenage angst to demonic possession.


Judah Ray
Comedy Drama

Part 1: LEGEND OF THE GAME WORLD - When two brothers feud over having to play with each other, one enters a cheat code into their video game, and the two are sucked into a game world, where they must battle bosses, and beat levels, to win, or be stuck in the game world forever.