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The written word has been an intrigue of mine, and writing has always been a passion. Beginning with short stories and poetry, it was not until I learned the script format when I found my voice. Having taken several screenwriting dedicated classes, as well as English courses, I was determined to master my style. I feel, now with my experience and knowledge, I can share my stories with upmost pride in what I created.

I left my hometown of Sonoma, California, not to be a Hollywood hot-shot, but rather to be with family. In college, I caught the "acting bug" and ventured into theater. Finding live performance not to my fancy, I was losing interest in theater, not acting. In taking a course in film acting, I began to discover elements in film to which I took a liking. With a screenwriting course, my career in film began.


J. Quinzelle
Action & Adventure

Dr. Harleen Quinzel; a smart and lovely psychiatrist, finds a job at Arkham Asylum, where her obsession and love for a deranged, murderous patient drives her down a dark and dangerous path into madness and crime.


J. Quinzelle

Joseph Schreiber was a recognized journalist in Ashfield, investigating an orphanage on the outskirts of Silent Hill. The orphanage was rumored to be home to a zealous cult and child abuse, which Joseph was to uncover. Little did Joseph know that a supernatural serial killer had been slaughtering in the name of his god, in association with the orphanage's wicked history. It isn't until finding himself trapped in his own apartment a decade later that Joseph begins to realize the terror the cult wishes to unleash on the world and his own role in it all. A mysterious hole in his bathroom wall is Joseph's only escape. Problem is, on the other end of the hole, a new nightmare awaits.


J. Quinzelle
Horror Drama

Constance is a small town with a dark history, and Marie Jabez Del Rio is at the center of of it, as a supernatural force is reaching out to Marie, calling her to the consequences of actions committed by Marie's ancestor, wanting her to suffer.