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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Josh attended NYU Film School and upon graduation promptly moved to Los Angeles. Josh worked in the post department at New Line Cinema and then for United Talent Agency, first in the training program and then in the story department. Growing restless, Josh left the film industry to pursue a career as a professional bike racer. Over the next few years, he raced all over the world including Italy, New Zealand, Cuba, Ireland and Israel. During that time he wrote numerous travel and training articles for some of the top cycling magazines and websites. Upon retirement and with many amazing stories to tell, he returned to Los Angeles and began to write fiction. His works include the screenplays Bicycle Racer, Infidolls and Punk Rock Girl as well as his memoir, Libraries Don't Lend Books on Suicide and the short story Adrift.


Joshua Horowitz

A free-spirited freshman takes under her wing a sheltered and introverted high school wrestler struggling to survive at a dangerous new school in an unfamiliar city.