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I'm a young man from the Midwest who writes in hopes of making audiences laugh and think at the same time. I regret to report that I do live in Brooklyn now. I know that this fact makes puts me at a deficit in the unique/interesting category on paper, so bear with me when I try and make up ground in the next sentence: I was born to a man who insulates houses and a mother who was a bank teller (I'm not exactly sure what the day to day of her job looked like except that she'd effectively be the one held at gunpoint in the event of a robbery though I don't think she was ever robbed), which means I think I get to say that my work is grounded in reality. I love Andrei Tarkovsky, I have an irrational fear of chalk, and I'm five foot eight and a half but I tell people I'm five foot nine and I don't know why. I'm not sure what to include in here. Please read "Noble" in my profile if I've intrigued you in any way. I'm way funnier and way more coherent as a screenwriter and I didn't want to include my middle name in my credit but I did because my girlfriend thinks it makes me sound more distinguished.

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