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We’ve been writing as a team for over ten years and write modern versions of the movies we grew up with. We’ve sold scripts to several independent producers/directors and our sci-fi adventure, ALTERNATING CURRENTS, is in pre-production hell while another, THE HIGHWAY MAN placed in the Top 50 of the Nicholl Fellowship.

In addition to screenwriting, Joseph recently wrote and produced the Oculus VR App, Clean Energy Smart Home, which explores the multitude of energy efficient options afforded to customers through an interactive gaming experience.

Casey works as a copywriter and creative content producer in the tech industry.


Casey Stegman, Joseph Foulk
Comedy Drama

When a young family man discovers that his thought-to-be dead father is actually still alive and possibly the most infamous U.S. skyjacker since D.B. Cooper, he’s tasked with bringing him out of hiding and back to the states to face the consequences he’s eluded for all of these years.


Casey Stegman, Joseph Foulk
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

The Murder Method centers on a couple who is teetering on the edge of divorce when a subscription based Murder Mystery game sets them on journey through Los Angeles after they discover that the murders in the game are tied to a series of cold cases from 20 years ago.