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Writer Scripts


Joseph Deegan
Drama Horror

A kickass punk band of young orphans whose music and stage shows are becoming virally popular among their growing fanbase in the underground music scene is going off the rails. The band's brutally independent front woman/singer, MINK, born of her mother's rape, experiences harrowing schizophrenic and dissociative disorders as she and her band tour the U.S. in support of their new CD. Along the tour, several bodies of young men turn up that might be linked to a serial killer.


Joseph Deegan
Action & Adventure Horror

Occult/Thriller: In the turbulent aftermath of the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, two young girls become the helpless victims of a politically deceptive, ruthless and predatory cabal that thrives on devouring the innocence of children. In parallel, two adult strangers meet by chance at an empty house in an upscale Washington D.C. neighborhood where they become aware of a disturbing party at the mansion next door. They investigate the unfolding activities and uncover, piece by piece, an elite network of satanic traffickers.