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Born in Oxnard, Ca from the coolest parents a kid could ask for. Puerto Rican father who grew up in the South Bronx. Half Japanese, half white Navy brat mother who grew up in Oxnard. The diverse cultures combined for a very unique upbringing for my two older sisters and myself. Adding my uncle marrying into an Italian family and holidays were always filled with amazing food and a melding pot of different traditions. Oxnard itself is great melding pot. There's a heavy Mexican influence on much of the city due to large agriculture on the plains. Mix that with a huge surfing culture, a punk rock music scene and everything in between a small Central California city has to offer and you'd be hard pressed to find a more diverse city. Having my oldest sister a lesbian, a transgendered cousin and a few close LGBTQ labelled friends, my natural voice in my writing has these sometimes controversially viewed topics as just the norm in my scripts. We are all just people. We should not force them into scripts to be more diverse and we should not cut them from scripts to avoid controversy. Diversty should occur naturally. I want "Hollywood" to be at a point where it is not even a topic for people from different races, genders, sexes, or cultural backgrounds to be the center of a film. A good movie, is a good movie, regardless of the characters and drama within it. Eventually the niche environment I was lucky enough to grow in will be the natural state of our country and the idea of truly free America can become a reality. We as a society are slowly headed in the right direction, but I feel my generation can help spear head this movement into a true norm. I want my works to be a part of the culture change in the film and television industries. I feel my style of writing has worth and will eventually be noticed. Whether a silly Rom/Com, a dark Action/Comedy or a serious drama I feel my unique voice echoes my vision on it's pages. When all is said and done, I feel my eventual success will prove that the "American Dream" is not quite dead yet. I'm a second generation American, Millennial Mutt that has a dream of writing films and television that represents the real world. The real world that may not be universally accepted, but without a doubt should be represented and reflected in the mainstream media. All people should feel equal and have worth that does not limit or discriminate against their unique background and upbringing.

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Kinesiology and Physical Therapy

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