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Writer Scripts


Jonny Xue
Drama Romance

Back to 1930s-1940s, in the border between China and Myanmar, the story unfolds in‘city of jade’(nowadays’ Tengchong city in Yunnan Province,southwest of China) . Deng Yi, a young man in city of jade, participates in a grand contest of gambling in stones and wins the reputation of ‘gambling genius’. However, to everyone’s surprise, instead of amassing fortune, he risks his life challenging Gossevin, a notorious Burmese gang leader, to a face-to-face gambling in stone. When he is brought to see Gossevin, he suffers grave torture, test and questioning before telling the truth of his gambling talent. However, they do not buy his story that he can“see”the color and quality of jade under the surface of the stone. In fact, he experienced great pains to acquire this skill..... Deng Yi, who has a tough childhood, was born in a family of horse caravan. Together with his China-Burma mixed-blood brother Tumen and a girl Die, Deng Yi and his friends have witnessed dozens years of vicissitude of ‘jade life’. The previous doubts and tests of his gambling and analyzing skill are like threads connecting his memories about family, love and life. Although he stands the test and torture, when he cut his stone, no jade can been found. The furious Gossevin claims to kill him. Does he really bark up the wrong tree in this nick of time? How does he save his life? On the other side, the reason why he confronts Gossevin is to defend his love for Die. Facing the choices of life, brotherhood, and love, can he stay calm and win an invaluable jade?