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I have seen over 100 of my scripts turned into films, one of them even featured Orson Welles.

As you may already be guessing, these films were commercials, but a career in advertising taught me how to create scenes with story, humor and impact without a wasted second.

More recently I have been writing for the theatre, and the last three years have had two of my plays performed in London, and a third virtually.

One of these plays, ‘Can I Change My Mind?’ always seemed to contain the seed of a much bigger cinematic idea. (Certainly the critic who wrote ‘The writing is astounding’ seemed to think so.)


Jon Platt
Western Mystery & Suspense

In 2093, a young schoolgirl is in the run from a violent criminal gang led by a vicious female mobster. In a world where all technology is illegal, the chance discovery of a cryogenically frozen head offers the girl the long-lost knowledge that could turn the tables and let her survive .


Jon Platt
Action & Adventure

When a famous Lion is shot for a trophy, a woman who runs a struggling pet rescue service sets out to take revenge on the rich trophy hunter, armed only with her wits.