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Suspense novelist and singer-songwriter under the pseudonym Noah Bond (6 novels published to date; 25 songs released to date), Jon has a knack for making fiction believable, yet surprising. His stories feature strong female characters in dangerous situations. Despite industry lip service to strong female leads, actresses continue to be cast as victims or adjuncts to the male leads. And kick-ass ladies in skimpy outfits fighting zombies and mutants aren't strong women; they're action figures. Jon is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section of The Florida Bar. He was Senior Editor of The University of Florida Law Review. His novels and screenplays are each unique. The plots are fresh, unlike any previous motion pictures. He does not write legal dramas --- but when his characters encounter the law, he gets it right. Contact info: [email protected]


Jon Agee, Michael De Silva
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Cajun girl works for Carlos Marcello in New Orleans, meets Lansky, Ruby, Ferrie, Oswald & more. They complain about an official. She suggests they get him fired---not knowing he's Robert F. Kennedy. They all laugh, except Meyer Lansky. Fleeing Sam Giancana, she finds refuge at Jack Ruby's Carousel in Dallas --- where the plot she unwittingly began unfolds around her. The testimony she gave to the FBI in 1964 is rediscovered shortly before Robert F. Kennedy wins the California Democratic primary election, all but assuring that he will become the next President.


Jon Agee, Michael De Silva
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

This feature-length motion picture is a geopolitical thriller at the highest level of government with strong female, Asian and Hispanic starring roles. Begins with North Korean nuclear missile destruction of San Francisco, Iran is found to have paid for the attack. Proceeds with abduction in Jerusalem of American President and Meghan (Middle East expert and wife of Vice President Montez) by terrorists who do not realize whom they have taken. The President is beheaded, but the public doesn't know it. Meghan is sold to human trafficker Hassim, but negotiates her freedom. Upon discovering her real identity, Hassim accompanies her out of Palestine. Other jihadis attempt to recapture and hijack their plane, which crashes in France. Meghan is injured, but survives. She is flown to Sweden for emergency surgery, after which she is kidnapped from the hospital to be auctioned off on the dark web. The CIA makes the winning bid, but her freedom requires a series of steps, including an exchange with Meghan's double and a bomb that explodes prematurely. Back in Washington, the kidnapper is revealed to be a rogue CIA agent who faked the auction. Meanwhile, Kim's favorite rocker, the sexy Jung, completes the plan to poison his gold beer mug, killing him. The new President orders the destruction of North Korean military facilities and Iranian oil production, avoids nuclear war. Potential dual roles for two key actors. Mini series version available.


Jon Agee, Michael De Silva
Horror Mystery & Suspense

Something not human has come to the Moon, where it interacts with stranded Astronauts. They return to Earth changed in disturbing ways. Is it an alien species --- or something far worse?


Jon Agee, Michael De Silva
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Lawyers, heirs, greed, deceit, lust & death. Lady attorney's new client, a female student bacteriologist, is a psychopath who unleashes a new plague on her enemies. Then the unthinkable happens.