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I'm a writer who lives in Los Angeles, but is originally from Texas. Signed by management in LA before leaving Texas, I'm totally happy with my manager and have taken a few water bottle tours. My manager's brand, though, has been carefully defined over years and she deals mainly in TV. I write scripts for both TV and film, and a good chunk of my scripts do not fit her brand. Thus, I'd like to connect with an agent and/or some producers who might find my different flavor of writing to be to their liking.

A few Viking Fjord review highlights:

"The script shows a brilliant control of the craft, with smart use of planting and payoff. The work on the jargon of the characters is impressive and truly enjoyable. This is a script that will be exciting to see on a big screen. There is always a need for fast-paced, entertaining comedies like this."

"The basic premise is utterly hilarious, and the writer pulls no punches, letting the sharp edges show; toying boldly with the concept of toxic masculinity in an organic way."

" Overall, it's extremely well-written, with evocative scene-work and tactile locales. The entire experience is very easy to envision."

"With recent political events in the US, the idea of raising an army to attack the country has unexpected and uneasy resonance. The plot is fairly well paced, events seem to happen organically and the script builds to a believable climax."

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