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John Plas is an actor and filmmaker based in London, UK. He is a Pre-selection Committee member at Oscar Qualifying BIFF. John Plas has been accepted as an Associate Member of the Irish Film and Television Academy (IFTA-Acting Chapter). He has received positive reviews from film critics and is preparing his new short film based on the life of a Latinx gender non binary youth. He won a short play competition conducted by the prestigious Jermyn Street Theatre. His recent short film '' LAMAZE CLASSES '' that he wrote, directed and starred in has been Finalist at 80 Film Festivals up to this date and was released by Troma. In addition, John Plas has been included in lists of "Rising Actors" and '' Hottest Stars '' which have gathered many thousand views.

His feature film screenplay RESURRECTION is the Award Winner at "Only The Best Film Festival ''.

John Plas recently participated at the Reykjavik IFF Talent Lab where the Team was received by the President of Iceland.

He is the project coordinator of a medium length film about the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZbTZ4SGiOs&t=972s

Known For
Bastille Day, The Take, Lamaze Classes
Highest Staffing Level
Executive Producer
Special Skills
Dental Studies

Writer currently has no listed scripts.