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Writer Scripts


John Winn Miller
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

When an arson and a string of murders leave a popular high school coach as a prime suspect, he must battle through the mysteries of his past to find the true criminal, and clear his own name.


John Winn Miller & Harry B. Miller III & John Harrison
Drama Mystery & Suspense

An emotionally shattered accident investigator struggles to save his career after being reluctantly partnered with a hard-charging FBI agent on an elite new team that must quickly find the cause of suspicious transportation disasters before they can happen again.The one-hour drama is a unique, character-driven procedural that presents cases unlike any others on television, with the investigative edge of CSI, engaging characters like TRUE DETECTIVE, and an overarching conspiracy/legal dynamic reminiscent of DAMAGES.


John Winn Miller
Action & Adventure Drama

In the shadow of World War Two, an American smuggler struggles to outrun a ruthless Nazi U-Boat captain bent on his destruction and outwit the mutinous crew of his own cargo ship to rescue a Jewish family.