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John Miles is a Writer, Director, Storyteller, and Content Creator from Tampa, Florida with over thirteen years’ experience across print, digital, and film. His work as an Editor and Columnist has appeared in dozens of print and online publications. As well, his work in film and digital has been featured internationally. He holds both a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.


John R. Miles Jr., Patrick Ordetx
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

**Marvel's Avengers meets Pirates of the Carribean** After an assassination attempt on the heads of Europe’s royal families in the year 1588 England’s Queen Elizabeth brings together a secret group of super-powered young nobles in order to stop whoever is responsible before all of Europe descends into chaos.


John Miles
Horror Action & Adventure

In this micro-budget, Blumhouse-styled thriller, a group of lifelong friends back home from college try to relive their youth and have one last adventure together before their lives go down separate paths forever by sneaking into HOLIDAY HOUSE, a once-beloved childhood tourist attraction inside an aging Victorian mansion—now slated for demolition—where every room is dedicated to a different holiday. But their plans for a final night together may come all too true when they encounter Holiday, the electronically-masked occupant of the house with a dark past tied to their small town, who forces them to literally fight through a year’s worth of Holiday-inspired nightmares in a single night if they want to survive!