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Johnny Gilligan
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When a wonder-drug makes sleep obsolete, a famous hypnotherapist works with Police to solve new waking-dream crimes called Recals, as malevolent forces strive to find new ways to manipulate human minds, including his, in this newly Woke world. Think "THE MENTALIST" meets "MINORITY REPORT". My Two Min Pitch Video: https://vimeo.com/395073832/a4d8dddc4b


Johnny Gilligan
Comedy Drama

A former cop turned felon tries to rebuild his life by starting up his own tech company using other ex-felons and competing against the giants of Silicon Valley. (Inspired by the real life graduates of the coding class offered to inmates in San Quentin Prison California by thelastmile.org and their journeys to redemption.) Think "OZ" meets "ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK" meets "SILICON VALLEY". Tagline: - "The Best Of San Quentin Meets The Worst Of Silicon Valley"