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John McCarney is a Vietnam Era Veteran. He is a former college football player that was assigned to the Intensive Care Nursery at Clark Air Force base in the Philippines during Operation Babylift as Vietnam collapsed.

His first script OPERATION BABYLIFT, a 2018 Nicholl's Fellowship Semi-Finalist, and 2019 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, was inspired by these events.

SPENDLOVE/BLOOD AND ROSES, a top 450 out of 7,300 scripts placement in the 2019 Nicholl's Fellowship and 2019 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, was inspired by real life Marine, Jon Spendlove. Jon was a mink farmer from Utah that went in the Marines and was stationed in Afghanistan. His job specialty was paying reparations to local victims of collateral damage due to drones strikes and other military/ battle related activities. Creative liberties were taken with a "what if?" scenario of a local drug lord and Marine officer engaged in illegal activity.

The theme of the story is the unique friendship that happens between soldiers from such diverse background as they bond as brothers in arms and become fiercely loyal to each other.

MIJO is the story of a father who desperately strives to provide for his son after the beginning of the Second American Civil War. A story of reversals of fortunes of two countries with a theme on today' s immigration issues.

Please check out QUASH, a new one-hour pilot script just uploaded to THE BLACKLIST.

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