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Johan graduated from film school in 2012 with the critically acclaimed fiction film 'Son of the World', about the last days of Danish poet Michael Strunge. In recognition of his work, Johan received an art grant from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2013.

In 2014 his innovative film installation 'The Doghouse' opened i Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre. It uses virtual reality technology and thereby enabling the audience to experience the characters' individual, subjective points of view. In the following years, the installation toured around the world at film festivals and art institutions, and marked Johan as a part of the international elite within VR and art film.

From 2015 he and producer Mads Damsbo led the progressive studio Makropol, which focuses on experimental and innovative art film, from where many new works took shape. Among these were 'Ewa Out Of Body', which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, and 'Anthropia', a 400m2 film installation, which opened at Copenhagen Contemporary in 2017. The works have all been shown at the most influential art and film festivals worldwide receiving several awards along the way, including Grand Prix Innovation from FNC and Reflet d'Or from GIFF.

Since 2020 Johan has been devoted to his work with feature films and serial formats. He's been working for several production companies in Denmark, among these renowned studio Zentropa.

His work has been shown at Cannes Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, New York Film Festival, The Times, Future of Storytelling, London International Film Festival, The Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing and National Festival in South Africa. Among many others.

Known For
The Doghouse, Son of the World, Anthropia

Writer currently has no listed scripts.