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Writer Scripts


Jimmy Prosser, Rohan Shankar
Comedy Animation

Flop & Rage" is an Animated Comedy. Injuries and silly crimes derailed promising futures for former hometown sports heroes "Rage" Wallace and "Flop" Brookins. They are struggling to understand what happened to them as they try to grow up in a surreal world while working at the Wake & Steak fast food joint. Rage is angry and Flop is oblivious, but at least they have each other.


Jimmy Prosser
Drama Romance

John & Meryl is a limited series that explores the three-year (1976-1978) passionately devout on and off stage relationship between the accomplished but underappreciated actor John Cazale and the talented but then struggling young actress Meryl Streep. Together, rare talent Cazale and an emergent Streep face their vulnerabilities ‒ her emotional curtain and his terminal diagnosis. (Series Bible available).