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Jessie Gant fell in love with figure skating at 13, watching Tara Lipinski win gold at the Nagano Olympics. She was inspired, but starting a new sport in adolescence with a single mother on a teacher’s salary meant the odds were against her. Jessie persevered and after years of dedication she graced the podium at the US National Synchronized Skating Championships. Now, she carries this same focus and passion pursuing her goal of becoming a Television Writer.

Jessie broke into the entertainment industry as an assistant film accountant in NYC. Despite a dislike for math, she spent five years as an accountant on projects like Black Swan, Moonrise Kingdom, and Louie. During a quarter life crisis spent in Spain, Jessie wandered through the Alhambra and realized she must devote her life to her creative endeavors. So, she tapped into her training mindset. Instead of hitting the ice she began typing, focusing on female driven comedy. Jessie then completed a Master’s in Television at Boston University, during which she was awarded the Looking China Scholarship where she produced a 10-minute documentary in Fujian, China.

In 2016 Jessie relocated to LA completing two competitive internships, one at FX and the other in a YouTube Red Writers’ Room. She then moved on to the position of Showrunner's Assistant on the Disney Channel show, Bizaardvark for seasons 2 and 3. Currently, Jessie is a Script Coordinator for the DreamWorks television show Spirit: Riding Free currently streaming on Netflix. Her writing has been featured in the Break Through Reading Series and she currently takes part in the Chick with Scripts Job Connect Program. On an average day, Jessie can be found in a hipster coffee shop creating messy and hilarious female characters living through the idiosyncrasies of being human.


Jessie Gant
Comedy Romance

When the perpetually restless Tess, realizes her marriage has hit a plateau she resorts to the one option she thinks can revitalize her relationship, an open-marriage; Ben, her oblivious husband, agrees to a trial period, but is Tess more “open” to the idea than she is to the reality? Each episode will focus on Ben and Tess exploring their new world of marriage fluidity. This could involve Ben and Tess going to a mixer for Poly couples, Tess making an effort to befriend Ben’s new girlfriend, and Tess exploring the possibility of bisexuality. Together Ben and Tess are rewriting the rules of a millennial marriage.


Jessie Gant

Macy Walsh, a washed up professional figure skater, gets kicked off the US National Team and must return to her small town and join her local rink's band of misfits.