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Writer Scripts


Jess Harris-DiStefano
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mystery & Suspense

Omega is an hour-long sci-fi drama about a seemingly average teenager, who in an attempt to uncover the truth behind her twin sister's mysterious disappearance, unintentionally opens Pandora's box, entrapping herself, along with a group of friends, into a nightmarish world filled with unspeakable evils.


Jess Harris-DiStefano
Drama Action & Adventure

Powerless is an hour-long drama about a teenage superhero who, after deciding that she no longer wants to be special, attempts to pass along her powers to someone else and unintentionally triggers the end of the world in the process.


Jess Harris-DiStefano

The Disappearance is an hour long drama about a charming young sports writer, whose secret past comes back to haunt him when he accidentally discovers the whereabouts of his long lost father and younger siblings.