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Jeremy Saul Taylor is a screenwriter whose feature FROSTED GLASS won the grand prize at the 2014 New York Screenwriting Contest for Drama & has placed in the finals of five other contests.

He is a collaborative writer, working on a number of feature scripts in collaboration with directors, with a passion for telling stories with demanding characterisation & those based on true life tales.


Jeremy is represented by Steven Russell.

Known For
Frosted Glass, A Painful Companion


Jeremy Saul Taylor
Mystery & Suspense Drama

Twenty years after WWII, in light of a proposed bill to grant amnesty to Nazi war criminals, an emotionally scarred Mossad agent comes out of retirement to locate, befriend & kill one of the Fuehrer’s most sadistic officers.


Jeremy Saul Taylor
Comedy Drama

After relocating to Amsterdam following a divorce, a Scottish brand manager is given a weekend to save his career, all while juggling an experimental sexologist and a raucous stag party from home.


Jeremy Saul Taylor

A professional ghost-writer and recovering alcoholic finds himself falling into old habits when handed a last chance assignment - to write a book for famed actor and legendary boozer Oliver Reed. *Winner - New York Screenplay Contest 2014*