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Once upon a time I was a microbiologist and award-winning journalist. I am now a writer-director with a passion for world building and a deep interest in how characters become the authors of their own story in the face of extreme change.My publishing credits include short fiction, poetry, criticism, and non-fiction. I have one feature credit (Mimesis: Nosferatu), and wrote and directed five short films that have appeared in scores of film fests and won awards. I am a 2019 Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist (The Exchange) and two-time Quarter-Finalist. My script The Exchange also won Cinequest's Best Feature Screenplay (2019). Most recently, my pilot The Rift won ISA's 2021 Grand Prize for Emerging Writers in Action Adventure.


Jeff Meyers

When a deranged neighbor holds the town’s banker captive in her bedroom, a reclusive widow struggles to minimize the escalating violence…until the neighbor’s rants about a dark conspiracy prove true and her home comes under siege by murderous cultists who worship a Lovecraftian god.