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Thank you for visiting my page! My father raised me on the world's weirdest diet of sci-fi, sappy romances, and musical theater. I graduated with honors from University of Kansas with a bachelor of music in Voice Performance. I credit my education in opera and music for teaching me everything I know about story structure. As content creators, I believe we have a unique opportunity to being new and different perspectives into peoples' homes that they would not ordinarily be familiar with, and I am passionate about doing this with all my content.

I was a staff writer on the web series "Southern Dish," which debuted at SXSW, was featured on Funny or Die and Huffington Post, and was awarded laurels at Digital Hollywood. I am a 2015 Sundance Financing Intensive Fellow through Women in Film/Female Filmmakers Initiative and an alum of Women in Film's Mentoring Program.

Known For
Southern Dish- the web series


Jenny Gattone
Comedy Romance

Based on Jane Austen's "Persuasion"- twelve years after their engagement was broken by their disapproving family, Frederick re-enters Anne’s life a different man, forcing Anne to confront the reality that happiness comes from within and Frederick that second chances have to be earned.