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Award-winning director JB Carlin first made his mark directing Kid Rock and

Sheryl Crow's infamous "Picture" music video where it broke records and won

numerous awards and accolades. He went on to collaborate on several more music

videos with Kid Rock before flourishing in the advertising world.

His breakthrough campaign for TNT Network's "Frozen Moments" featured

groundbreaking effects and starred high-profile actors Alfred Molina, Jada Pinkett

Smith, Ving Rhames, Regina King, Kyra Sedgwick, Timothy Hutton, Jason Lee, and

more. The campaign went on to win numerous awards and began a long-time

collaboration with the Turner Network directing dozens of campaigns for TNT and

tbs through his company, The Inhabitants.

JB has since gone on to direct hundreds of global advertising campaigns for top

brands like Nike, Jeep, General Motors, UPS, Alfa Romeo, Champion, US Navy,

Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Lincoln, Hyatt, American Family Insurance, Partnership

For A Drug-Free America, to name a few. He has gone on to direct highly-acclaimed

talent such as Morgan Freeman, George Lopez, Ray Romano, Cindy Crawford,

Simon Baker, Andy Dick, Ben McKenzie, Alan Thicke, Bob Seger, Eminem, and

many more.

JB has also written and developed numerous TV series and feature films. Most

recently, he created a series with producer, Jeff G. Waxman, called, The Forest,

which sold to USA Network, UCP, and Ryan Reynolds company, Dark Trick.

JB lives in the Pacific Palisades, CA with his wife Laura and their two kids, Finn (7)

and Hadley (5).


JB Carlin
Horror Action & Adventure

Violent bank robbers take a woman hostage and flee to a rural town. But when the townspeople discover who they are, the hostage must become one with her captures in order to get out alive.