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I have had the ability to heal and guide people all my life but I shut it down in my twenties as I didn't understand the gifts I had been given. I couldn't maintain this deception into my forties and started to ease back into my healing ability. It was a few years later that I wrote my first book with a little help from above called, "A Woman's Passage to Freedom" this book has healed and guided many. I then started to write Just Being There which opened the doors to me (in 4.5 days) writing this script Just Being There. I have many other inspirational books on the go and I have just completed the sequel, Just Being There II!

Known For
My book, A Woman's Passage to Freedom


Jan Amos

Jenny Winters, in the midst of courageously rebuilding her life is continually being sidetracked with putting others first. She stands beside a young man in need and an uncanny discovery is realized within Brandon. Jenny then experiences judgment and ridicule from her small town in which she loves. Enjoy the heartfelt twists and turns within the pages of this script that is based on a true story!