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Jamie Tunkel graduated from USC with a BFA in Writing for Screen and Television. Most people hang their diplomas. Instead, she framed her elementary school spelling bee certificate for runner-up. She remembers the word she misspelled and thinks about it daily.

She's been a Script Coordinator on a bunch of shows and pilots since 2016. While working on the first season of the Netflix dramedy GENTEFIED, Jamie co-wrote Episode 109 (“Protest Tacos”).

She tends to write dramedies, often featuring complicated women, 'cause women aren't "strong" all of the time and that's okay.

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Jamie Tunkel
Comedy Drama

At age 26, late-in-life virgin Evan Rose discovers her reason for holding onto her V-Card is based on a misunderstanding from her childhood, so she sets out to redo all of her failed “relationships”… this time, with sex.