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Writer Scripts


Bradley Paul, Jamie Nash

A desperate woman play a twisted cellphone Scavenger Hunt to save her kidnapped daughter from a sadistic game-master. She is pitted against a man facing similar circumstances.


Jamie Nash

A worldwide supernatural event begins to haunt the world. News reports of ghosts in graveyards, cars that drive themselves, and possessions become common place. The story follows several individual stories of common folk caught in the paranormal crossfire, who must ultimately come together to not only survive but defeat the unseen evil.


Jamie Nash Chris Mueller Michael Brennan
Horror Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A team of fallen angels jailbreaks souls from Hell - for a price. But when they realize they’re pawns in a scheme to free Lucifer, they run their final mission… to stop the seventh seal from being broken.


Bradley Paul, Jamie Nash
Comedy Action & Adventure

Bad news Bears meets Karate Kid – A down on his luck Martial Arts star is forced to teach a bunch of karate misfits at the local YMCA's KungFu camp. His main rival, who owns the local McDojo, declares war.


Jamie Nash, Kevin Perkins
Action & Adventure Horror

RENFIELD Genre - Horror/Action A bodyguard/cleaner for a vampire with an increasing thirst for blood.