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Writer Scripts


James H. Hibbard
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Based on the life of the champion German bicycle racer Albert Richter. A cosmopolitan German cyclist rises to the top of the sport but pays the ultimate price for daring to defy the Nazi party in order to help his fellow athletes and support his Jewish coach. "This is a really powerful true story of Albert Richter and is unlike any other that takes place in Nazi Germany. Every character is vividly painted. Steffes is not a standard villain. He’s intriguing, fearful and loyal and duplicitous. He acts exactly the way many Germans did at the time which is what makes him such a unique villain- he was par for the course. His existence manifests a national identity into a personal conflict." — Black List Reviewer


James H. Hibbard

In the vein of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and BLUE VALENTINE—set in 1990s Chicago, the marriage between a former ballet dancer and a philosophy professor falls apart under the stifling weight of artistic and intellectual ambition.


James H. Hibbard
Drama Comedy

Based on the true story of Michael Larson, an Ohio ice cream truck driver who in 1984 won over one-hundred thousand dollars on the CBS game show Press Your Luck by memorizing the possible patterns on what had been believed to be a random game board."A great look at the fragility of the male ego and the dissolution of domestic masculinity which started in the 1980s. Using the game as a framing device is smart and surprisingly, the writer doesn’t build to his big win. By focusing on the aftermath of Michael’s “success” we get a much clearer and more satisfying portrait of a man on the edge of reason."— Black List Reviewer