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Son of a sheriff's deputy. Survivor of many bands playing many bars for very little to show for it. A+ film student, but never found the time to graduate. Currently work as freelance script/book coverage jockey for HBO (and formerly Anonymous Content & Broad Green Productions). Also run the Above & Beyond Screenwriter's Workshop in Culver City, Ca, celebrating ten years.


James Chatterton
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

Jess Davies opens a door to meet a date in a pub and steps into outer space 1000 years in the future, where an interplanetary salvage crew is surprised to see the first organic matter ever come through a space-time distortion. As she struggles to survive the future, and the competing factions that all want her, Jess courts romance with a professor of Earth studies. It all ends up coming down to a choice for Jess: look for a way back, or stay to find out whatever happened to Earth, which has been long forgotten by the humans who left to colonize the solar system centuries ago.


James Chatterton
Comedy Mystery & Suspense

A hiker takes a quick hike up to Griffith Observatory before sunset, and returns to find his vintage Mustang’s been towed. This develops into a tense stand off between the hiker, the male meter maid, a testy park ranger, a knife, a few guns, a metal water bottle, a flying rattlesnake, a lunatic named Lollipop, the Spirit Awards, a motorcycle cop, an LAPD Chopper, the King of Griffith Park and a very special package in the trunk of that Mustang.