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A gay writer, Jake Biondi is best known for his popular LGBTQ+ book series BOYSTOWN, which maintains a five-star rating on Amazon.com (BoystownTheSeries.com).

Due to the worldwide popularity of the books, Biondi is working to bring the series to television. WINDY CITY is the LGBTQ+ television series inspired by the BOYSTOWN books.

In addition, Biondi has written two LGBTQ+ holiday movies, "Single at Christmas" and "Married at Christmas." His TV series "Uncommon Grounds" is a spinoff of the two holiday movies.

Biondi's TV series "Closet Cases" follows the lives of two closeted gay man in the early 1900s.

Known For
WINDY CITY, Single at Christmas, Married at Christmas, Uncommon Grounds

Writer currently has no listed scripts.