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Jade Jones discovered her passion for creative writing in elementary school. Born in 1989, she began writing short stories and poetry as an outlet. Later on, as a teen, she led a troubled life, which later resulted in her becoming a ward of the court. Jade fell in love with the art and used storytelling as a means of venting during her tumultuous times.

Aging out of the system two years later, she was thrust into the dismal world of homelessness. Desperate and with limited income, Jade began dancing full time at the tender age of eighteen. It wasn't until the Fall of 2008 when she finally caught her break after being accepted into Cleveland State University. There, Jade lived on campus and majored in Film and Television. Now, thirteen years later, she flourishes from her childhood dream of becoming a bestselling author. Since then, Jade has written the best-selling "Cameron" series. She also writes women's fiction under the pen name Pebbles Starr.

Quite suitably, she uses her life experiences to create captivating characters and storylines. Jade currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. With no children, she spends her leisure shopping and traveling. Seeing new faces, meeting new people, and experiencing diverse cultures fuels her creativity. The stories are generated in her heart, the craft is practiced in her mind, and she expresses her passion through ink.

Email: [email protected]

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