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Isabelle (or Izzy, as many call her) is from the least exciting Florence in the world… Florence, South Carolina. Growing up in the traditional world of cotillions and debutantes, she had the delight of wearing a wedding dress at the age of nineteen without a fiancé. Because no sports injury has ever been as traumatic as that experience, she chose to focus on sports and has yet to give up on her Olympic dreams… though some suggest she should. When she’s not trying to turn her six younger siblings into the next Harlem Globetrotters, she’s using all of these experiences to drive her comedic, coming-of-age stories.

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Isabelle Davis
Comedy Animation

Squirrels on a college campus have to balance the same struggles of all college students: school work, athletics, drama, and of course... human interaction.


Isabelle Davis
Comedy Romance

Childhood best friends Danny and June promise to get married at the age of thirty, if they’re both single. That promise becomes a nearing reality, as June strays from commitment and Danny copes with four failed engagements.