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Ian was born in rural Colorado, and raised within a small farming community in the Midwest. The son of crop farmers, he found his creative escape through kitbashing, matte painting, and Super 8 filmmaking. He counts Raiders of The Lost Ark, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Poltergeist, Back to the Future, E.T., and Star Wars as having shaped his childhood growing up. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Known For
In Darkness and in Light


Ian Kintzle
Horror Drama

BL REVIEW: "It’s very well-written, with engaging characters, immersive descriptions, and a richly imagined setting. If paired with the right studio and network, it has the potential to be a fun and captivating limited series that could attract first tier talent." SERIES LOGLINE: During the spring of 1893, an ambitious young solicitor travels to a remote region of Transylvania to assist an ominious buyer with the purchase of medieval estates in England. But after discovering that his client is a cadaverous vampire with a taste for human flesh, he must band together with a group of crusaders, occultists, and his capable wife-to-be, to seek out and destroy him before he infects the inhabitants of London with the Undead Curse.


Ian Kintzle
Horror Mystery & Suspense

A newly-married couple ventures into the Pacific Northwest for the hiking trip of a lifetime, but their romantic getaway soon turns to terror when they find themselves stalked by creatures in the woods.