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Hilari Scarl is an award-winning writer/director/producer chosen by Steven Spielberg out of 12,000 filmmakers to appear his television show ON THE LOT. Her award-winning feature film SEE WHAT I'M SAYING: THE DEAF ENTERTAINERS DOCUMENTARY received Critics’ Pick in the New York Times and screened in 800 cities. Hilari consulted for Amazon Studios on SOUND OF METAL, winning Variety’s Social Impact Marketing Award. Hilari became fluent in American Sign Language after total immersion on tour with the National Theater of the Deaf. She is Hollywood’s go-to consultant as an advocate, ally and advisor for studios, companies and films, bridging the Deaf community with the entertainment and corporate industries, and has lead workshops and panels for Universal Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering, the Sundance Art House Convergence and Women in Film. She was a participant in the PGA’s Power of Diversity Workshop and has consulted for Google, Anheiser-Busch, Nike and Sprint. Hilari taught screenwriting for three months in Beijing for Relativity and has been hired to write a feature film for an actor in India.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.