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I have worked in the feature film/animation/ commercial industries for over 20 years. Then in 2010 I did a paradigm shift and decided to pursue work as a field biologist. Biology was my first field of study in college. Since then, I have worked alongside dedicated scientists on various projects involved in the study of invasive species as well as endangered and threatened species. Now I have decided to combine my professional experience in both professions by utilizing film and comic art to convey a fun and easily assimilated message to the public regarding the environment and conservation.

Known For
The Crow, Beverly Hills Ninja, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Tuskegee Airmen


Hanna Strauss
Action & Adventure Comedy

A professional botanist encounters a strange plant while conducting surveys out in the field. The plant stabs him and infects him. As a result of this he transforms into a chimera/hybrid organism part plant, part human who also now has the power to generate plant life at will. As an environmentalist and ecologist, he utilizes these powers to help restore and rebuild habitat that has been destroyed or severely damaged. Eventually he comes to a crossroads where he must make a major decision that could cost him his life.