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Haley Dercher is a mix affable neurosis and perverse humor. Haley is a writer originally from suburban NJ. Her first writing credit was her bat mitzvah sermon (available on VHS). She is developing multiple original feature length films, as well as a half-hour television dramedies. She injects fresh, modern subject matter with warmth and wit, crafting sharp, relatable, and memorable characters.

Haley received her Master of Arts degree from New York University in Media, Culture, and Communication, with a concentration in Visual and Cultural Studies. She spent more than ten years leading content creation and marketing for creative startups.

Haley is currently the head writer and co-host of Scandal Us, the podcast that reexamines supposedly scandalous media. She has been a contributor to The Huffington Post, Advertising Week, and many more publications.

The Screencraft Fellowship said of Haley’s work: “Believable dialogue is one of the hardest things to master in screenwriting, yet all of Haley’s characters have distinct voices.”

Haley lives in New York City with her husband, dog, and a chicken soup pot that's so large it can only be washed in the bathtub. She is currently seeking representation.


Haley Dercher
Drama Mystery & Suspense

When a psychiatrist develops a way to record and view patients' dreams, she starts noticing a recurring character appearing. While still dispensing meaningful therapy she must piece together whether this is a glitch in her technology or a message that’s being sent from her new competitor, all while struggling with the night terrors that have plagued her since childhood and a competitive corporate threat.


Haley Dercher

Can you bring your Dom home to meet your Bubbie? After ending a dissatisfying six year relationship, a well-behaved OBGYN encounters a proud Dominatrix and decides to secretly explore New York City’s glamorous and eccentric BDSM underground, risking her public career and Jewish family's judgement.