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Songwriter, producer and singer from the 80's to the present. Contributed a big part in writing, singing and naming the Outfield and Play Deep album and co-writer/original composer of Hello by Adele. I have written a script for a Christmas Musical Broadway show that I am trying to have sponsored and funded. Other scripts I have written are American Psycho 3, Rise to Stardom (Babe Ruth), Magi and the Messiah Live, Magi and the Messiah animated, Mary Blessed Art Thou Among Women and the World of Marvel. Plots and scripts in the process are Torture in Gotham City, American Psycho 4, 5, 6 and 7, Armageddon, JazzMTazz(co-creator of this type of dance) and Dirty Dancing(possible) with Johnny Castle's cousin living the dream, and I want to be the lead actor and dirty dancer in the movie where I have some chemistry in dirty dancing from the early 80's such as noted previously the JazzMTazz.

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Greg Owens
Drama Horror

Jesse "Mutt" Hawkins encounters with the rock 'n' roll world and now a music publicist with Polyjive Records, driven by his manager Mary, is now experiencing life oftentimes through an altered reality.