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Greg Beck has been writing screenplays for 10 years, finding a niche in both crime and historical drama.

Greg has found critical success as a finalist of the 2017 Austin Film Festival's AMC Pilot competition along with 8 other competition placements and wins including Scriptapalooza TV, ISA's Fast Track VI Top 50 Screenwriters, Creative World Awards and The 5th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship. His pilot script the female-led gangster melodrama "Hardy's Trade" has been pitched to AMC and BRON Studios. He recently finished writing the crime action film "Eve's Serpents" for producer Joyce San Pedro.

As a writer, Greg's writing style can be described as "vividly gritty" and pulpy. His cinephile encyclopedic knowledge of films, TV and the history of both mediums shows in his work. He particularly has found influence in the cinema of the 1970s and the current golden age of serialized/cinematic TV. Those films and series include: "The Godfather", "Mean Streets", "The French Connection", "The Deer Hunter", "The Shield", "The Sopranos", "Sons of Anarchy", "Boardwalk Empire", "True Detective" and "Peaky Blinders". As well as the writings of novelists James M. Cain, Dennis Lehane, Mario Puzo, James Ellroy, and Dashiell Hammett.

These inspirations and approaches are reflected in complex storylines involving imperfect people that communicate in a hardboiled, philosophical, and witty voice infused with a sense of dark humor.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.