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Grant Anstine is an actor, writer, and director based out of Los Angeles. He grew up acting with the old birds of the town in their local stage plays. Until one day the old birds kinda just excepted this little cuckoo as one of their own nest. Thus, the youngest old soul was forged. Grant would proceed to drag his castmates from plays into short films that he wrote and directed throughout his high school days. In spare time of research, he would grow up reading through collections of plays from Samuel Beckett, Tennessee Williams, Sam Shepard, and Arthur Miller. And when he had the spare cash, he liked to scrounge up old VHSs and DVDs from sales that his family would auctioneer for. Many of which still are browsed and referenced for his work today.

Grant Anstine would go on to graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2018. Since then, he's acted in much that you may or may not have seen, and he's written much that you likely haven't read, but most certainly should. He wishes you all the luck in your exploration of stories and dialogue, and the warmest of life's offerings--communion.


Grant Anstine
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A rural Missouri town, once rich in Osage Americans, will be offered redemption in the wake of their betrayals. A cave and a bottomless lake become the connective tissue between this town’s tortured future and its hopeful past. What lies within and crosses between will bridge our mystery, together.