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Gary Robert Tudor was born into obscurity, and, like most myth characters, the actual year of his birth remains unknown. Raised in a run-down council estate, within the heart of Cardiff, the Capital City of Wales; not too far from a great Welsh actress, the one and only, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Gary is the middle child to an older brother and younger sister; all raised by their Welsh parents. The father leaving his wife and children when Gary was the tender age of 12.

Gary first showed signs of the greatness that was about to befall him when his English teacher, Mr. Spellward assigned Gary his first writing assignment; a newspaper article on a serial killer. His second piece of writing was about aliens but then dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to work as a printer. The name of the company was, funny enough, Visual Arts; the very medium Gary was, at the time, unbeknownst to him, about to find his true calling.

7 years in the wilderness go by when Gary hears his calling again, but this time to act, and so quits his job, but due to the theatre's 6 month waiting list, is left twiddling his thumbs, but as luck would have it, those thumbs turn a magazine page where he reads an article on his childhood idol, Sylvester Stallone, and how he wrote his way to fame with the classic, Rocky.

Gary, being the typical Taurus he is, runs head-first into his artistry, elevating himself into the position of the first artist of the screenplay era with classics, such as The Son of Perdition. Babylon, and his superhero franchise, The Incredible Keeper.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.