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Upon completion of his first screenplay,"Noel's Ark", Gary was discovered by renowned Entertainment Attorney/Producer Shelley Surpin, (who championed independent filmmakers Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling). She had Gary represented by literary agent Matt Leipzig ("Gifted","Non-Stop","Madoff").

Gary’s film, “Man From Taured” is currently in development with Sean Robins (“Tag”, “Playing With Fire”, “Mortal Combat”).

Gary entered two screenplays into competition for critique. Two of his films, “Objects Of Desire” and “Billy Shears” were finalists at the Final Draft Big Break Contest. A third screenplay, “Nowhere Man” was a finalist in the “Scriptapolooza” showcase.


Tim Story, Director (“Shaft”,”Ben & Jerry”, “Fantastic Four”, “Barbershop”, “Ride Along 1/2”.)

Gary is a prolific and capable screenwriter and just getting his start as a director. Gary has an exciting and eclectic visual style. It has been a pleasure watching him grow in this area.

John Baldecchi Producer (“Point Break”, “The Mexican”/Brad Pitt-Julia Roberts, “Happy Death Day 1/2”)

After meeting Gary Fong just a few short years ago - it was quite apparent that his breadth of knowledge and success in a variety of businesses gave him a much welcomed, fresh perspective on storytelling and that perspective is reflected in his screenplays. His background as a photographer also gives him an highly visual style which no doubt will lead him to directing movies in the future which I will happily watch. And no doubt I will be looking to work with him anytime!

Christopher Capp - Editor (“The Hunger Games”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean”,”Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)

Gary Fong is a fresh new voice this industry is so in need of at this time. Original, captivating and strong. Rarely have I read scripts so beautifully designed plot wise with such nuanced characters. Though Gary is new to the script writing and or film world he writes with the ease of a seasoned professional. I think a lot of his unique story vantages comes from years of being a photographer. Telling a story without words is hard enough, but now that he has taken to the page his world is expanded. I have had the pleasure of reading two of Gary’s current screen plays. I am excited and honored to hopefully read his next as soon as he turns the pages in. So excited to see your visions brought to life Gary. Keep us entertained.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.