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Produced screenwriter, director, producer, author, and poet.

Known For
The Final Round, Cut/Print, There is a Season, Faith Under Fire, Burn Bags


G.W. Allison
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A private investigator with strained relationships, a gambling and drinking problem, and general disregard for self-preservation, navigates the razor’s edge of crime, betrayal and right and wrong as he struggles with his past while drudging toward a future he hopes isn’t at the wrong end of a gun.


Gary W. Allison, William Teets

Can Reverend soar above the gritty streets, overcome the betrayal of his first love, Mighty Missy Brown, or will he become another statistic, his dreams extinguished before they have an opportunity to spark? Reverend Went Walking is a truth-driven suspenseful rollick of a modern-day American Hero and his search for the lost American Dream.