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Francesco has had stitches on his eyelid, four broken wrists, and once snapped his ulna and radius. On paper, his skateboarding career has not boded well, despite how he still feels about it. But two positives have arisen out of his physiological beatdown-- massive clout among the nurses and high pain tolerance. A high pain tolerance of pain of which has naturally led him to choose a career in screenwriting. 

After getting admitted into Loyola Marymount University, a top ten film school, Francesco hustled as a collegiate tutor and a dockhand on a boatyard beside a prison, and yet, he still made out at the top of his class. But he could never recount this all to you. How conceited do you think he is? 

Out of school, Francesco has been churning out scripts on the side, won the SFS treatment competition, and got selected for a screenwriting fellowship called Craft Services. Now, with his arsenal of screenplays, Francesco is looking for representation and a job in a writers' room.  But what's he going to do? Make a website for himself and drop all of this on a lousy about page in the third person? Please.

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