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A 2019 Nicholl Semi-Finalist with my feature script The Code, I’m a creative full of curiosity who loves historical fiction, unusual points of view and “what if” scenarios.

My stories explore universal themes or controversial issues. Most of the times, they have a happy ending.

Known For
The Code


Francesca Varisco
Mystery & Suspense

When an ambitious tech journalist and three IT analysts dig into the complexity of a strange computer malware, they stumble upon Stuxnet and accidentally uncover a cyberwar operation targeting Iranian nuclear program. Based on true facts.


Francesca Varisco
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

Against the backdrop of a dark Vancouver, a badass lieutenant and her smart aide struggle to pin the criminal gangs behind the drug trade, until she resolves to take the matter in her hands and things derail.


Francesca Varisco
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

An expedition of Earth Pioneers to exoplanet Teegarden-B must overcome personal issues and find ways to collaborate with Natives, while on Earth scientists and misfits compete in a race to control the Solar Shield and fix Earth’s climate.


Francesca Varisco
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Young Vera has it all: the coolest job at SpaceExtreme Agency, a fiancée who adores her, new colleagues… except she finds out that nothing is at it seems - new colleagues suck, her boyfriend’s an alien, and she has to sabotage her own job to prevent a global catastrophe.