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Writer Scripts


Fin Wheeler

Pride and Prejudice set in Beverly Hills. Jane’s a successful model, the triplets are vapid Kardashian-wannabes. Brainy youngest sister Ellie can’t wait to finish her degree and finally leave LA. Clueless meets The Devil Wears Prada. Ellie is crushed when she finds out her Dad’s been dating her friend Char. Ellie and Darcy (former child star, very rich) instantly dislike each other. Char moves to Dubai with her rebound guy. Ellie learns Darcy’s secret and starts to actually like him but then the triplets and Wills (Wickham) are involved in a major scandal and Wills threatens to reveal Darcy’s secret. Jane and Charles get together. Darcy’s mom shows her true colors. Eventually, Ellie and Darcy end up together.