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Writer Scripts


Eugene Mont

A diabolical professor and alumnus of the world's most prestigious college is finally given the opportunity to climb the academic ladder towards the coveted position he's sought his entire career: President of Harvard University. But as he ascends the throne, one thing is clear: power corrupts all.


Eugene Mont, Thomas Muller
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A teenage girl who was born without special powers in a future where everyone is a super human, must navigate the world as an outcast and find her true place among the citizenry.


Thomas Muller
Action & Adventure

A geocaching adventure in an unsettling community in New York turns hazardous after a team comprised of two couples stumbles upon human remains while competing in a makeshift scavenger hunt.


Eugene Mont
Action & Adventure

An Air Force washout partners with a female operative sent to protect him from a hitman after discovering the recurring dreams he suffers from are tied to a plot that threatens national security.


Eugene Mont, Thomas Muller
Horror Action & Adventure

A man who can communicate with the dead holds the key to saving mankind from the forces of hell.


Eugene Mont
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After a race of androids known as “sentinels” declare war on their human oppressors, a grieving Boston cop joins forces with a band of survivors to save humanity from extinction.


Eugene Mont
Mystery & Suspense

A suicidal teenager obsessed with writing diary entries fights for her sanity after a homicide detective connects her to a string of grisly animal attacks.


Eugene Mont, Thomas Muller
Action & Adventure

A dark, gritty reimagining of SPIDER-MAN that follows an older, grizzled PETER PARKER grappling with guilt and regret.