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Ervin Anderson was raised by a single mom in New Jersey, with little hope and much darkness in his family. Movies were his escape. That darkness permeates his work, which is primarily horror and sci-fi, but filtered through a lens of humor and hope. He writes scary, funny movies like HAPPY DEATH DAY, FREAKY, and READY OR NOT, while mashing-up different genres into his own unique, hilarious concoctions.

Ervin's horror comedy, WHEN HORROR MET SALLY... made the prestigious Bloodlist, and is currently in development with FAMM FILMS.

Known For
WHEN HORROR MET SALLY, which made the Bloodlist as a Fresh Blood Select.


Ervin Anderson
Comedy Horror

When an unusually charming Final Girl discovers she was supposed to be in a romantic comedy all along, she races to find her happily-ever-after as the masked killer closes in.