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Ervin Anderson's feature romantic horror comedy WHEN HORROR MET SALLY..., is a Blacklist Recommended Script, made the Bloodlist as a Fresh Blood Selection, was #1 on Coverfly's Red List, and has been a Finalist in numerous screenplay competitions, including the Emerging Screenwriters and Screencraft Feature Competitions. Ervin was raised by a single mom in New Jersey, with little hope and much darkness in his family. Movies were his escape. That darkness permeates his work, which is primarily horror and sci-fi, but filtered through a lens of humor and hope. He writes scary, funny movies like HAPPY DEATH DAY, FREAKY, and READY OR NOT, while mashing-up different genres into his own unique, hilarious concoctions.

Known For
WHEN HORROR MET SALLY, which made the Bloodlist as a Fresh Blood Select.


Ervin Anderson

When an insecure trans woman returns to her conservative hometown to make amends with her estranged parents, family demons quickly become real demons (from Hell) and things get messy (and bloody).


Ervin Anderson
Comedy Horror

A plucky young writer still recovering from a bad case of demonic possession returns to the dating scene hoping to find her Prince Charming, but having the devil as baggage sure isn't helping.


Ervin Anderson
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After a comet's radiation turns romantic love fatal, a lonely former love jinx tries to save romance by creating an algorithm matching couples who won't fall in love, then her troubles really begin.


Ervin Anderson
Horror Mystery & Suspense

When a garbage man finds a device allowing him to travel back in time five minutes once a day, he uses it to win over a lonely waitress, who must fight for her life when his desires turn deadly.