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Writer Scripts


Ervin V. Anderson
Comedy Romance

A quirky young writer getting over a demonic possession finds love with a charming actor during filming of a movie based on her memoir. There's just one problem - he thinks her book is fiction.


Ervin V. Anderson
Family Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A group of teenage misfits vow to have one last great adventure before circumstance pulls them apart, and end up becoming Earth's last hope when an advanced alien race attacks.


Ervin V. Anderson

A desperate, broke widower returns to his childhood home with his two daughters looking for a fresh start, but a monster in the woods he first encountered as a child has other plans for him.


Ervin V. Anderson
Horror Comedy

When a small town is overrun by demon-possessed, bloodthirsty citizens, a young trans woman returning home after a decade in exile becomes their last hope, but does she even want to save the people who ostracized her?