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I got bullied by rich kids in my youth. I became a personal trainer for the elite. Now, they pay me to torture them! LOL

In my writing, I like to use comedy to explore deep questions about our culture of oppression and unchecked greed through the eyes of wildly unique characters in real life situations.

My 30min series, Killer Workout, was a finalist for last year's Sundance Episodic Lab. My web series pilot, of the same name, won a Gold Remi for writing at World Fest Houston International FF, the Silver Award for best web series at DC Web Fest, and best dark comedy at Deep Focus FF. It also screened at many international festivals including Outfest LA and Raindance FF.


Erik Potempa
Comedy Horror

As a personal trainer for the elite of New York City for the past 12 years, Joy, a traumatized, broke, Queer Black woman, stumbles upon her “true purpose” — brutally murdering toxic rich assholes.