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I’m writing to inform you about a new and original superhero action movie screenplay, which recently became available for production.Super Cash:The Crime Buster features heart-pounding action sequences, an endearing

protagonist and some solid plot twists. The superhero genre is on

display from beginning to end. For example,Billy’s transformation from ordinary boy to crime-fighting lifesaver. Also, the incorporating timely subject

matters, including: election meddling, environmental protections and the rise of populism.

Overall, Super Cash: The Crime Buster has potential to be a really fun action flick.


As a writer and artist, I’ve created my own mythology to capture the whole world of SuperCash: The Crime Buster in the development of the story.

The material is aimed at the public between the ages of 12 to 45 years, is very different from other things since it talks about the existing corruption and unfair taxes by the government.


Enrique Mayers
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

The American economy is at an all-time high but is on the verge of collapse at the hands of the crooked and merciless Ricky Cactus and his henchman and alter ego Taxman who punishes his citizens with soaring tax rates, all the while embezzling the funds. Growing up in the shadow of his hero father, Billy VanCash learns early on in life that his destiny is to become the next great savoir that the citizens of Arch City, and the rest of the country need. When his father falls into a violent trap, orchestrated by his one-time friend, President John Boot, Billy is thrust into action to rescue him. Using his newly acquired physical and technological skills, he will fight Taxman and his cohorts in order to save his fellow Americans and finally put an end to the corruption that has a stranglehold over the country. He soon finds out that with enormous wealth comes enormous power; Taxman is freed from prison only to set forth another devious plan to take down Arch City’s new superhero – Super Cash, The Crime Buster.